On things and thinking:

design and

How shall we interpret and design landscape/nature/world to meet the great challenges posed by climate change?
How will we create new ways of thinking for a sustainable society?

On things and thinking: design and nature provides a platform for polyphony, complementarity and crossover. Scientists, designers, artists, writers and philosophers present stories and future models in which the complexity of landscape/nature/world is (re)discovered.

Hoe zullen we landschap/natuur/wereld denken en vormgeven om tegemoet te komen aan de grote uitdagingen die de klimaatproblematiek stelt?
Hoe creëren we nieuwe denkkaders voor een duurzaam samenleven?

On things and thinking: design and nature biedt ruimte aan meerstemmigheid, complementariteit en crossover. Wetenschappers, ontwerpers, kunstenaars, schrijvers en filosofen brengen verhalen en toekomstmodellen waarin de complexiteit van landschap/natuur/wereld wordt (her)ontdekt.

A Wooden Cube, a Mug and a Ballpoint Pen



Interested in exploring new forms of togetherness between the human and the non-human, I  propose that by disclosing an affective intimacy between the human and the non-human, an empathetic relationship becomes conceivable that allows for the recognition that the human and the non-human share certain vulnerabilities.
The video work “A Wooden Cube, a Mug and a Ballpoint Pen” takes as a starting point the use of inanimate objects in therapeutic strategies for post-traumatic stress disorder. Everyday life objects are used throughout a session to re-enact the traumatic event, serving as tools to bring back the client to the specific memory, so to guide them through it to reach a newer take on it and a healing outcome.

The work was realised in collaboration with Dr. Sharif El-Leithy, head of the Centre for Traumatic Stress Service of the Springfield University Hospital, London

Luca Vanello